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2018 University of Idaho College of Science Robert B. and Floretta F. Austin Distinguished Lecture in Science to feature Prof. Matthew McCarroll (UI Alum), Professor and Director of the Fermentation Science Institute at Southern Illinois University

"Is that a Chemist in the Brewhouse" 

April 3rd, 2018   3:30 pm in the College of Law Courtroom 

Brief reception to follow in the Integrated Research and Innovation Center (IRIC) Atrium 

 The past 20-30 years have seen a veritable revolution in brewing in the United States.  Following a 100-year old decline in the number of breweries and a near collapse in the variety of beer styles that were produced, we now have over 6,000 breweries in operation that account for over 20% market share.  What does this have to do with chemistry, or even science for that matter? Following a brief presentation of the history of beer and fermented beverages, the lecture will focus on a consideration the impacts of science and chemistry in the brewing industry, as well as how problems in the brewhouse have led to discovery and scientific development. The latter part of the lecture will detail the ongoing need for well-trained scientists in brewing and fermentation industries, including a discussion of the founding of the fermentation science institute at SIU and the recent implementation of its BS degree in Fermentation Science. 


In the evening following the lecture (6:30 pm -8:30 pm) the ACS WIBS section will be hosting a reception for Prof. McCarroll at Hunga Dunga Brewing Company in Moscow, ID.  The ACS WIBS section will purchase the first 50 beers ordered!  

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